A home away from home

Westridge Study Centre

Westridge is a university residence in Parktown, Johannesburg and a place of learning and fraternity for young men. Through its activities, Westridge aims at creating leaders, promoting a spirit of service, hardwork and a sense of responsibility. This enables students to strive for excellence and prestige as they study and as they begin their professional life.

Our values

Friendship, Freedom, Hard work


An essential part of the life at Westridge is the family atmosphere which is built out of the small contributions made by each of the students living here. The residence offers daily get‑togethers and common meals, settings through which long lasting friendships are formed among residents.


We believe in and love freedom and we encourage students to make a mature and responsible use of it.​

Hard Work

Westridge fosters in students a spirit of hard work in their studies and in the use of their time. Because a strong emphasis is placed on study to set the tone of the house, residents are expected to adjust their timetable to that of the house to foster a quiet atmosphere.​