More than just a university residence, Westridge offers students a ‘home away from home’ where a spirit of family is fostered. We organise various activities throughout the year designed to complement a student’s studies, and to help them develop universal skills and see their future professional life as a way to serve society.

Finding faith in reason

At the heart of Westridge’s ethos is a view that man is a spiritual being. The spiritual care of the study centre is entrusted to Opus Dei, an institution of the Catholic Church. Westridge offers you the opportunity to learn more about the Catholic faith. Those who are interested can attend talks by the Chaplain and staff, retreats and other spiritual activities, all of which are completely voluntary.

Serving our community

Recognising our common responsibility to care for those who are less fortunate in our communities and in the broader South Africa, we organise monthly visits to the poor or sick and annual community service camps (workcamps) in poorer communities. Through these activities, we aim to make a little contribution to the improvement of the lives of those in need.

Cultural and professional forum

Academic development is a major part of life in the Westridge. We encourage students from first year to consider their professional direction and to form networks that will serve them later in life. To complement academic development, we run a series of lectures on character development, leadership through our monthly virtue lab. We also invite guest speakers to share their professional experiences. To contribute to our cultural programme of activities, we organise for students to participate in an annual international university congress – the UNIV – in Rome, Italy during Easter.