About Us

What is Westridge?

Westridge Study Centre is a university residence in Johannesburg, South Africa that was started in 2003 as an initiative of Komati Foundation. Through its activities, Westridge aims at creating leaders, promoting and developing a spirit of service and hard work. This enables students to strive for excellence and prestige as they study and as they begin their professional life.

The Westridge experience cultivates excellence. Young men are encouraged and guided through its activities to be individuals of high standards in academics, culture and sports through the practice of virtue.

Principles and Values

In Westridge, an atmosphere imbued with the following values is fostered:

  • Friendship: students find in Westridge a place where loyal and long-lasting relationships can be built. This also teaches and encourages students to have a stable social and family life in future.
  • Freedom: in Westridge we believe in and love the freedom that each one of us has, and we urge students to make a mature and responsible use of it.
  • Hard work: Westridge fosters in students a spirit of hard work, both in their studies and in the use of their time.
  • Passion for excellence: students who come to Westridge are encouraged to make the best out of their talents, both in their studies and in their future career.

Westridge Study Centre is owned by Komati Foundation, an educational and welfare association incorporated under the Companies Act. Komati is registered as a Non-profit Organisation with the Department of Social Welfare.